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IMG_893337 copy+Running a business is something I’m fairly new at and there are already sooooo many things I wish I had put in place to allow my business to flourish quicker while also creating less stress for me. So on todays episode of Wednesday wisdom I will be sharing the five MUST’S when starting a business. NOTE: I’m no google analytics expert, these are simply things that worked/didn’t work for me. Theres no recipe to this kind of stuff. 

SOCIAL MEDIA: I was super lazy on the social media front. I was good at Facebook, but thats about it. I should have invested more time building a following through tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest and blogger. Although I had accounts on each of these sites, they were all personal. I should have chosen 2 that I thought would best suit my business and built them up from there. (also instagram is my favourite)

MAKE LOADS OF ART: Don’t forget nothing matters if you aren’t doing what you love. I think my saving grace was the fact that I was consistently and passionately taking images. I would post basically everyday and was always coming up with new concepts. Never stop creating (don’t always post it though more on that next week.)

PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE: Don’t hide behind a screen. Email fashion labels, models you want to work with, people you want to collaborate with. Don’t be afraid, whats the worst that could happen? they say No? Then email someone else. Get out of your comfort zone, it is where you will create yourself and create a bunch of friends that’ll help you along your journey.

TAXES: I don’t have much to say about this one but seriously, do your taxes properly. month by month get them in order. Trust me, it’s a headache if you don’t. (!!!!!!!!)

CREATE GOALS: This series is a goal of mine that I’m fulfilling. It feels so awesome to finally be completing something on my list. Spend an hour looking at your business goals, putting it into three categories. 3 months, 6 months and 12 months goals. Then add three things in each time frame you want to accomplish. It doesn’t matter if you can only tick of one of your goals, setting goals will completely change your mindset and give you the motivation to push through in those tough ‘what am I doing’ moments.

So there’s five things. I will hopefully one day expand on all of these and give you some more insight into it, I still struggle with all of the above, but I’m slowly getting there.

One last thing just start, start now, where you are, with what you are. Don’t hold it off for any longer. You won’t regret it.


ps. What’re your goals over the next 12 months? I would love to hear them.



IMG_8947 copy+One of the things i’ve always wanted to be (and show through my life + art) is authentic. I dont ever want people to see my life and think i have it all together. Truth is, I dont, the last 6 months have been a whirl wind and i’ve only just begun to feel grounded.

When I sat down and looked at what I wanted 2015 to look like I was stuck. I didnt know if I even wanted to continue on with photography. 2014 left me completely overwhelmed and not wanting to continue. Not because I didnt love it but because it scared the heck out of me.

All my friends are making friends, pursuing relationships and I’m editing all night.

All my friends are going to Uni and I’m pursuing a career at 19.

All my friends will have degrees in the next few years and I… wont.

I was scared, petrified. I was up every night, have i made the right choice? Should I go to uni? Should I give up on photography? Its something that would never leave my mind, I was riddled with fear, scared of failure and became uninterested in photography, my camera gathering dust. I was scrolling through pinterest (god bless pinterest) one day when I came across this quote:

“I was meant to be reckless. I was meant to be wild. I was meant to follow my dreams to the end of the earth. I see no point in preserving this fragile form for my eventual death. I was meant to slide into my grave sideways, beat up and singing at the top of my lungs. I was meant to pack up my shit and hitchhike to my dreams. Nothing good ever comes from sitting on your ass and waiting for life to give you fulfilment” 

That pretty much sums out how I want to live and how I want my art to be. I want to break open the norms of life, I want people to look at me and think how they want to be like that. How they want to have the guts to pursue what they love. I want to live a life without fear, live a life that constantly showing me new things. I want my art to FEEL real, I want it to set off that gut feeling in people, I want them to stop scrolling and stare for a little longer. I want to make an impact through my day to day life and my photographs. In saying this, this year I will only be taking on a limited amount of clients. for two reasons.

ONE: so that next year i can tackle it head on and possibly take on a whole new city (stay tuned).

TWO: I will be working on some personal projects, rekindle my passion and get back to my roots.

I will be blogging a lot more personal posts over the course of 2015, and I’m excited.

What’re two things YOU want to do this year to help you live more authentically?


  • February 18, 2015 - 1:00 pm

    Bronwyn Palmer - Love this Asher, and love watching you step out on your brave journey. This year I want to write and paint more and find ways to make money from it. You inspire me. xxReplyCancel

Hunnah-lea is a brand with hand made pieces sewed with love in the northern territory. Its so wonderful coming across little brands up here in the NT. My muse and i went to our favourite spot just before sunset. These little afternoons make my heart swell and remind me why i photograph. heres my favourite from the day xxx



2014 was a challenging one, a hard one, a full of life lessons one, a ‘i got through it’ kinda one. it taught me so much about myself, and my business.

it was a good, but 2015 will be better, 2015 will kick ASS.

heres some of my favourite frames, thanks to all my amazing clients for supporting me + just being genuinely awesome. you make my heart full. xx

IMG_6884+BLOG-6313+Untitled-6+BLOG-7954+JAS_MATERNITY_ALPHOTOGRAPHY-12+BLOG-8571+BLOG-9807+JB4+BLOG-2967+BLOG-3234+BLOG-3837+BLOG-5214+BLOG-5400+BLOG-6468+BLOG-6560+BLOG-7696+Untitled-4+BLOG-9143+BLOG-2357+wedding 3+ALEX AND AMY MARRIED ASHER LILLEY PHOTOG-22+BLOG-3053+BLOG-4914+BLOG-6824+BLOG-6936+BLOG-7388+IMG_0601+BLOG-8893+BLOG-8768+BLOG-9507+BLOG-0947+IMG_1908+BLOG-3130+BLOG-2928+BLOG-4655+BLOG-7253+BLOG-5490+IMG_9781+IMG_6812+IMG_0099+BLOG-5853+IMG_6279+DAVIS-10+

  • December 30, 2014 - 11:34 am

    Allison - Just beautiful! Can not wait to see your work next year. All the best lovely!ReplyCancel